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Jun 17, 2024, 05:24 AM

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Cannabis Grower Support Forums: Chat

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2024-06-16, 13:22:50
JamMAKEcan: Happy father's day to all fathers

2024-06-03, 18:31:56
BC:'ll pick up and get better i'd think, summer season just starting

2024-06-02, 19:09:23
JamMAKEcan: Man.. I wish i could work period.. I dont run from work. I run to it ..

2024-06-01, 15:34:38
BC: Hey Jam, dont work to hard, lol

2024-06-01, 12:33:19
JamMAKEcan: Hey hey everybody.. Been missi g for a bit.. Had some work. But now thats finished . im back unemployed .. Contractor work sucks. Work here then no work and repeat. .. Have a blessed june.. Happy late fathers day

2024-05-04, 21:11:13
JamMAKEcan: Glad to see u here WSE.. I've heard about ur solid genetics.. Welcome to have u here🏆🏆🏆

2024-04-29, 10:47:15
BC: glad to see you on...always glad to see you visit our humble home..WSE is an awesome seedbank

2024-04-29, 09:32:11
WSE: Hello Everyone! BC invited us as he's a loyal customer of ours

2024-04-21, 13:48:34
JamMAKEcan: Hope everbody had a great 420 yesterday🏆🏆.. Well this coming week I'll post a coupke pictures of my outdoor grows... I have 1 auto rock maching from doctors choice seeds.. 1 clair mel orange photo from fatcat labs.. 4 swiss dream rose photo from kann

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We are here to Help and Support Home based Growers (First Timers to Pros) with everything from Seed to Weed and anything you may make like Edibles etc from your Crops. We will have boards for what's needed to get Started, example: Lights, Tents, Ventilation and more.. We will also have Help and Guidance


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