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Jun 17, 2024, 05:58 AM

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Cannabis Grower Support Forums: Chat

Hey Everyone, say Hello, Have a Conversation with Others, ask Questions etc. in this Chat...Do Not Spam or You may be Banned from the Chat

2024-06-16, 13:22:50
JamMAKEcan: Happy father's day to all fathers

2024-06-03, 18:31:56
BC:'ll pick up and get better i'd think, summer season just starting

2024-06-02, 19:09:23
JamMAKEcan: Man.. I wish i could work period.. I dont run from work. I run to it ..

2024-06-01, 15:34:38
BC: Hey Jam, dont work to hard, lol

2024-06-01, 12:33:19
JamMAKEcan: Hey hey everybody.. Been missi g for a bit.. Had some work. But now thats finished . im back unemployed .. Contractor work sucks. Work here then no work and repeat. .. Have a blessed june.. Happy late fathers day

2024-05-04, 21:11:13
JamMAKEcan: Glad to see u here WSE.. I've heard about ur solid genetics.. Welcome to have u here🏆🏆🏆

2024-04-29, 10:47:15
BC: glad to see you on...always glad to see you visit our humble home..WSE is an awesome seedbank

2024-04-29, 09:32:11
WSE: Hello Everyone! BC invited us as he's a loyal customer of ours

2024-04-21, 13:48:34
JamMAKEcan: Hope everbody had a great 420 yesterday🏆🏆.. Well this coming week I'll post a coupke pictures of my outdoor grows... I have 1 auto rock maching from doctors choice seeds.. 1 clair mel orange photo from fatcat labs.. 4 swiss dream rose photo from kann